Oidamen, οἴδαμεν:

Ionic and late greek, first-person plural, “oidamen” means we know. It comes from the greek verb “oida”, οἶδα, that means to know. But the verb-steam means to find out, and comes from the proto-indo-european “weid”, to see, to perceive through the vision.

So, I see, I perceive, therefore I know. Seeing is knowing.

My name is Gerardo Furtado. As the description says, I’m just a apprentice, making graphs and charts just for fun.

To analyze the data I use Tableau, Excel, Plot.ly or any other tool like these. To create the image I use… PowerPoint. Yes, you read it right, PowerPoint. I said earlier, I’m a beginner, mate!

Any comments regarding data visualisation, design, and even regarding grammar (English is not my native language) will be very welcome.


Gerardo Furtado



One thought on “About

  1. Will you stop surprising me? Got fucking dumbfounded by these… Amazing idea and content!

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